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East of Scotland Branch of Ataxia UK

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Branch Members


This page is for the contact email addresses for our Branch Members. If you would like your own Branch email address, please contact the secretary, using the email link (here or at the top of the page).

The system works like this: your email address will be Messages will be automatically sent on to you, so no one will be able to see your true email address unless you reply to a message. It gives members a chance to contact each other without any obligation and enables you to set up chats using Messenger or another similar service.

If you get any problems with spam, let me know and I can change your Branch email address, eg to Please remember to always be very careful when opening emails with attachments, which might contain viruses.

Following a few problems with spam mail, I've now removed the hyperlinks in all the personal email addresses, just copy and paste into an email message to contact us, changing the AT to an @ symbol (please note that we've changed @ to AT in the members' email addresses to deter spammers)


Members' Email Addresses

General contact email address:

Derek Main (committee member)

John Reid (Committee Member)

Penny Gardner (Secretary)

Frances Wright (Treasurer)

Richard Thomson

Anne-Marie Thomson (current fund raising, knitted toys & gift tags)

Andy Hogg

Sandy Pender

Douglas Mason would like to hear from fellow ataxians:


This page was last updated on May 13, 2012

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