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East of Scotland Branch of Ataxia UK

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Joint Meeting with West of Scotland Branch - 2007


We had an enjoyable and social repeat of our 2006 get together with the West of Scotland Branch on Saturday 28 April 2007. Janice Heath and Anne Green organised tea, coffee, sandwiches and cakes at the Alona Hotel, Strathclyde Country Park and 19 people came along. The hotel staff were very friendly and welcoming and we able to use their wireless connection to show everyone this website. Jim Shepherd and family stayed over and drove back to Aberdeen the following day. It was a lovely sunny day (although a bit chilly outside) and the cream scones were YUMMY!

Here are some photos from the event (if you let your mouse hover over each picture, it should tell you who's who):

Photos from Joint Meeting on 28 April 2007
Sandy, Jim and Fabio Peter Smeaton and Thomasina; Frances and Derek in the background
Lily Wright and Jim Ritchie Maureen Ritchie and Liz Griffin
Anne, Shelley and Gordon Debbie, Janice and Maureen
Maureen & Sandy Pender and Jim Shepherd Derek and his Dad's friend
Claire Shepherd and Frances Claire Shepherd and Frances
Shelley, Anne and Janice Shelley, Anne and Janice
This space is for any other photos of the event that you'd like to send!  


Members who attended were:

West of Scotland Branch: Anne Green (Chair), Janice Heath, Maureen Pender, Sandy Pender (Treasurer), Liz Griffin (Secretary), Jim and Maureen Ritchie & Maureen's Mother Lily Wright, Shelley Mitchell, Gordon Fitzsimmons and Thomasina & Debbie.

East of Scotland Branch: Derek Main (Chair), Frances Wright (Treasurer), Penny Gardner (Secretary), Peter Smeaton (from Yorkshire) and Jim Shepherd, Claire Shepherd and Fabio from Aberdeen.

Apologies from Pete and Liz Dalby, who had planned to go but were unable to attend due to Pete's recent illness. We wish him a speedy recovery.


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