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East of Scotland Branch of Ataxia UK

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Other Branches and Support Groups

There are many other Branches and Support Groups of Ataxia UK. Here are some of their regular newsletters - eventually all will be attached as pdf documents. The file sizes give you an idea of downloading times - a dial-up connection is typically 28 or 56 kilobytes per second whereas Broadband is much faster. A megabyte is 1,000 kilobytes (approx).

This page will be updated shortly!!

News from the Ataxia UK Branch Network

Tina Thatcher is our Branch Support and Development officer and is doing a wonderful job of keeping us all informed. Here's the December 2006 newsletter (pdf document 267 kb)


West of Scotland Branch

These short videos show some of the West of Scotland members chatting about their lives:

The other Branches and Support Groups are now in alphabetical order:

Central Ataxia Branch

November 2006 newsletter (just over 1 Mb pdf, rather big)

May 2007 newsletter (137 kb - managed to reduce the file size)


Derby Support Group

Their first newsletter, they have made a great start. It's a pdf document and very small, only 4 kb.

Here's Derby's second newsletter for March 2007 (53 kb pdf).


East Ataxia Branch

Contaxia Newsletter pdf: Winter 2006 (433 kb), Summer 2006 (244 kb), Spring 2007 (489 kb), Summer 2007 (1.2Mb) and Autumn 2007 (1.2Mb).

Jenny Bell gave the Ataxia East Branch a talk on exercise for ataxians which is a useful reference for us all!


Inverness Support Group

Here's their second newsletter for March 2007 (112kb pdf)


Ipswich Support Group

December 2006 newsletter (pdf document, 459 kb).

March 2007 newsletter (pdf document, 17 kb).

April 2007 newsletter (pdf document, 71 kb).

June 2007 newsletter (pdf document, 264 kb).

August 2007 newsletter (pdf document, 93 kb).


Isle of Wight Support Group

Their first newsletter, June 2007 (pdf document, 129 kb) and the second one, sent out in August 2007.


London Branch

Spring 2007 newstter (153 kb pdf)


Mersyside area Neuro Support Group

Neuro-support newsletter 'Glance' for November 2006. (88 kb pdf)


Northants Support Group

Newsletter for March 2007 (334 kb pdf)


North Yorkshire Support Group

Newsletter for February 2007 (200 kb pdf)

Newsletter for March 2007 (186 kb pdf)


South Downs Branch

New website!

James Downie does a great job producing the newsletters for the Branch. Lots of ideas here for fundraising and social activities!

Autumn 2007 newsletter (pdf document 713kb)

Summer 2007 newsletter (pdf document 477kb)

Winter 2006 newsletter (pdf document 996kb)

Autumn 2006 newsletter (pdf document 456kb)

Summer 2006 newsletter (pdf document 63kb)

Winter 2005 newsletter (pdf document 618kb)

Autumn 2005 newsletter (pdf document 2.44Mb - a BIG file)


South Wales Branch

Newsletter September - December 2006 (pdf document 180 kb)


Thames Valley Branch

Their first newsletter! December 2006 - pdf document 185 kb.

Newsletter May 2007: pdf document 228 kb.

Newsletter July 2007: pdf document 213 kb.


We'll add more branches and newsletters as they become available....

Branch Committee

Past Speakers and Reports of Recent Meetings

Branch Meetings

Branch Members


This page was last updated on March 29, 2010

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